The concept of recruitment marketing isn’t new. Employer brands and value propositions have been gaining traction in the industry over the past several decades. However, due to the current competitive talent-driven landscape, recruitment marketing is becoming increasingly important for organizations today.

The evolution in today’s workforce, due to factors such as mixed demographics and modernized employment agreements, is changing the expectations of attracting top talent. The power now lies in the candidates’ hands. As such, it has become even more critical for organizations to offer what job seekers want and expect from their future careers.

With the current labor market, organizations need to be smarter and more strategic about how they find, attract, and retain the right employees for their business. Standing out from the crowd in this incredibly competitive landscape is the first major hurdle that a good recruitment marketing strategy needs to resolve.

“HR professionals must start thinking about themselves as marketers and embrace the tactics used in the B2B and B2C spaces,” said Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at the applicant tracking company iCIMS.


The real value of a good recruitment marketing strategy

In reality, marketing has always played an important role when it comes to hiring and recruiting. Brand image and the way the organization presents itself at job fairs, conferences, and corporate events can significantly influence how potential job seekers perceive an organization. 

The stakes are even higher today due to the rise of a competitive talent-driven market. An iCIMS report entitled “Recruitment Marketing: Fad or Future?” showed that: “90 percent of HR professionals agree that having a strong employment brand is more important today than it was five years ago. While 84 percent agree that recruitment marketing is a worthwhile investment for companies.”

Thus, having an effective recruitment marketing strategy means moving beyond job boards and looking at marketing more holistically by offering alternative platforms to connect with job seekers.


Recruitment Marketing: The Key for Building a Talent Pipeline and Retaining Top Talent

Organizations today are starting to realize the importance of having a reliable pipeline of potential candidates. At this day and age, waiting until a vacancy needs to be filled before starting the recruitment process will no longer be an effective strategy to attract top talent.

Nowadays, it’s better for organizations to be proactive when it comes to recruitment. They need to be able to look for the best talent before they are ready to leave the organization, and even before the company is ready to hire.

Quality of hire is also a priority for organizations that aim to reduce attrition rates and need to retain talent for the long haul. Organizations need to remember that candidates want to work for companies that align with their values. By effectively communicating the company’s values and its principles, employers will eventually attract a candidate that wants to be with them as they grow. 

The key to success depends on the organization’s ability to tell the organization’s story effectively. Thanks to social media, this endeavor has been so much easier to accomplish. Social media provided a platform that can easily help employers broadcast their message.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just some of the popular platforms that offer an authentic window that will help give a glimpse into the company for potential candidates. Thus, an organization’s storytelling efforts will help candidates understand the company and its culture before they even make official contact.

A company’s recruitment marketing efforts can help to form a real connection with candidates. This connection must be maintained with consistency during the recruitment process and then continue throughout the employee’s time with the organization.

It’s all about building trust and making a conscious effort to help maintain that trust. This is why it’s essential to create a personal and genuine relationship with the candidate during the recruitment process.

Once a candidate joins the company, employers already know them well. They will be equipped with the right information they need to create an optimum working environment that will motivate them to work hard and stay with the firm.


2019 could be the year for your organization to stand out with a smart and savvy recruitment strategy. Here are several 2019 recruitment trends from to help enhance your recruitment strategy:

Focus on artificial intelligence (AI) will gain momentum.

AI has been a buzzword in the recruitment industry for the past few years, and this time in 2019, it will be no different. AI will gain more traction in the industry by transitioning as a more task-appropriate tool for recruitment.

Recruiters are now starting to realize AI’s true value in streamlining the early stages of the recruitment process by helping them narrow the choices of candidates in the talent pipeline. Technologies like AI chatbots will help reduce the workload of recruiters. It will also improve response time to candidate inquiries, which will eventually improve the overall candidate experience. 


Video will become more valuable to recruitment.

Effectively communicating an organization’s value proposition through video can make a huge impact when it comes to attracting and maintaining the interest of the best candidates. In 2019, candidates will be more accustomed to seeing video as a recruitment marketing tool on social media and other platforms.

Employer branding videos that showcase the values, culture and genuine work-life at the firm can help companies leverage this tool to build stronger relationships with candidates. Furthermore, using innovative ways to leverage video for recruitment, such as using video for posting job ads and job descriptions will make the organization stand out among its competitors.


Recruitment technology will focus on integration.

Without a robust plan for integration, an organization’s recruitment marketing efforts will fail to be future-proof. As such, recruiters will regularly spend too much time in managing separate recruitment technologies rather than focusing on more important tasks. To prevent this inefficiency, data migration and integration need to be more streamlined and fluid enough to help recruiters be more effective in their hob. 


Hiring for potential will become increasingly important.

With the industry’s “ongoing war for talent,” organizations are starting to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. Giving up the search for that elusive ideal candidate will pave the way for a better recruitment marketing strategy.

Employers are now seeing the importance of hiring for potential by considering candidates who have the key baseline skills but can be trained with what’s missing. This means that getting candidates with the proven capability to learn and grow is as important as ticking off the list of “must-have” skills for the job. 


Better recruitment data analysis will drive better hires.

Big data will continue to reign in 2019. Since data and analytics form the foundation of a successful recruitment strategy, the pressure is even greater this year to carefully monitor the recruitment process. Recruitment data analysis can help uncover actionable information that will improve and streamline the organization’s recruitment marketing strategy. From helping to target top-notch candidates to driving efficiency with the latest recruitment technology, reliable recruitment data analysis will help steer a firm’s recruitment marketing strategy on the right track.


Let us help you improve your recruitment marketing strategy.

The competitive talent-driven market has increased the demand for organizations to hire top talent. Curran Daly and Associates will help you adapt and improve your recruitment marketing strategy by helping your organization embrace the new trends and technologies in recruitment.

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