Attracting top-notch employees who are looking to stay within the organization for the long haul is the ultimate goal of every recruiter.

The first step of employee retention naturally begins with hiring the right people for the organization. This starts with attracting top-quality candidates.

In this candidate-driven market, benefits, wages, schedule flexibility, and growth are just some of the things that employees are looking for from a company today.

Gone are the days when highly qualified candidates courted recruiters. Today, great candidates are highly sought after. Such instances can be severely taxing for an organization that has to spend days reviewing resumes, interviewing people, and selecting candidates only to be told that they have already accepted another offer.


Building the right recruitment mindset

Every organization will always strive to recruit top tier talent. They will sift through a pile of resumes, narrow down the applicant pool, and ultimately select the “best” candidate for the position.

“There is nothing more important for a business than hiring the right team,” said Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

“If you get the perfect mix of people working for your company, you have a far greater chance of success. However, the best person for the job doesn’t always walk right through your door.”

To get your company geared up to hire the best candidate, you need to sharpen your old hiring tools and acquire new ones.

Most importantly, you need to have the right mindset to keep your organization focused on the tasks at hand. The energy and discipline that you bring to the table when attracting consumers must also be applied to the recruiting table.


Here are some tips to make your recruiting efforts future-proof:


Consider cultural compatibility.

An innovative company needs employees who are resilient, agile, and able to keep up with the pace of a fast-growing economy. Organizations who are not willing to shed its old skin and adapt to the changing cultural and global economic landscape will not have a chance to thrive in the future.


Identify candidates who fit the future.

Companies need to attract individuals who will not only fill their immediate hiring needs but will also have the ability to step into a higher position as the organization evolves. You need to properly explain to the candidate what the job is today and what it will look like in the future.


Look for innovative risk-takers and Mavericks.

A growing company needs employees who may not be the jack-of-all-trades type but are more than willing to join in the search for innovative ideas and new methodologies. Once onboard, you need to empower these workers and give them room to grow in the company.


Gauge the candidate’s passion.

Make sure to ask potential candidates what they have done in the span of their career. Ask them the things they did that they are particularly proud of and have them explain it in detail. Listen to their answer and watch out for passion. A passionate candidate will be excited by the job at hand and their future in the company.


Spend money to make money.

This principle applies to building a robust and future-oriented team for the company. Invest in good employees who have a track record of excelling in companies that resemble what you expect your company to look like over the next few years.


Seal the deal.

Make your move once you find the right candidate you are looking for. Delays in your hiring process waste time and there’s a bigger chance that you will lose talented candidates. So you better close the deal while the interest is high.

Companies take huge risks in selecting the best candidate from the talent pool. To gain a significant advantage in this competitive labor market, organizations need to use innovative strategies that will make them stand out among other employers.


LinkedIn has listed several innovative recruitment strategies that modern organizations can use to attract your industry’s top talent successfully: 


Employer Branding Strategies

Build an employer brand with authentic videos and messages.

Most corporate branding videos are a little less convincing due to the fact that they are obviously created for public relations purposes. Authentic video messaging is needed to make the candidates feel excited about your company. Your applicants know how to determine whether your videos are genuine or just an elaborate PR stunt. Make sure that the videos you create reflect your company’s culture and highlight all the things that make your firm stand out from the competitors.


Consider using virtual reality recruiting.

While traditional videos have proven to be a powerful tool in attracting talent, virtual reality simulations are a much superior way to promote and generate excitement about the company and your vacancy. Using virtual reality also sends a message that your firm is leading in adapting modern recruitment strategies.


Candidate Sourcing Strategies

Recruit on alternative websites where your targeted candidates frequently visit.

Sourcing candidates on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook is the norm nowadays. However, if you want to reach your target audience better, you need to spread your message on niche social media sites that are frequented by your candidates. Some brands nowadays would target candidates on apps like Snapchat and Spotify. These organizations use market research to identify unique channels that their targeted candidates often use.


Institute a national hiring day to create buzz.

It should be noted that traditional job fairs are so frequent that they get little attention nowadays. When a firm announces a national hiring day, it is likely to get a large amount of local and national publicity for free. Big companies like Chipotle and McDonald’s have used this strategy to hire thousands of people nationwide on a single day.


Develop a “most wanted” talent pipeline.

Developing a talent pipeline is arguably one of the most strategic approaches to recruitment that a firm can use. This strategy is effective because it enables an organization to identify top candidates long before you need them. This means that you have more time to sell your organization to the candidates. By building relationships with potential candidates, your top-quality talent will be more inclined to accept your offer in the future.


Consider remote college recruiting to expand the candidate pool.

Traditional on-site campus visits are not as effective nowadays as remote college recruiting since organizations can only afford to visit a handful of campuses. Shifting to a remote college recruiting model, however, can efficiently and inexpensively attract top students to every university around the world.


Candidate Assessment Strategies

Consider AI automation to speed up the recruitment process.

While many companies have not fully embraced digital transformation, it’s better to stay ahead of the curve and adopt AI automation to speed up the recruitment process. There are people who are still skeptical about automation, but it cannot be denied AI can dramatically improve recruitment operations and help recruiters be better at their jobs.


Improve the candidate experience to reduce stress.

When the grueling recruitment process unnecessarily stresses candidates, there’s a good chance that their performance during interviews will also significantly decrease. Organizations can improve their candidate experience by explaining the recruitment process in detail to help reduce their stress and anxiety. You can also consider using remote video or Skype for the initial interview so that the candidates can save on the travel costs.


Let us help your organization adopt modern recruitment strategies.

As the competitive labor market increases the industry’s demand for top talent, organizations are clamoring to find the right tools that will suit their hiring processes. Curran Daly and Associates are experts in finding the right business leaders that will propel your organization towards embracing new technologies and data-driven approaches to recruitment.

CDA has mastered innovative recruitment strategies to search “hard-to-find” business leaders and other industry experts across our vast network of executive talent across Asia and the Pacific.

If you need top-notch talent, CDA knows where they are and how to find them. Partner with us now!



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