• Executive recruiting is a career anyone could try going into, but having a sustained, successful career in the field needs both technical skills and important behavioral characteristics.
  • Finding a good and effective executive recruiter also relies on the choices you make as well as the traits you are looking for.
  • One who actively pursues good practices will most likely be a successful recruiter and may be one of the best in the future.


Executive leadership through recruiting is a career anyone could try going into, but it is a kind of work that is undoubtedly not a walk in the park. In today’s business market, guts are no longer enough to identify and recruit persons for high-level jobs that require exceptional skills.

Whatever approach a headhunter uses to be successful, only some could go on with a sustained, successful career in the field. This is because being able to do so requires a unique blend of more than just technical skills but also of several behavioral characteristics.

“The best executive recruiters all possess certain internal traits that help them succeed – behavioral mechanics conducive to excellence,” says Christian Spletzer, CEO of Clockwork Recruiting. True enough, these traits are honed little by little while they grow in the field.


Where can I get reliable information?

In a general sense, there are already several articles and blog posts talking about executive leadership solutions. Knowing where to get reliable information on executive recruitment, especially if you are new in the field is essential.

While most tackle values and skills from modules, trainings, books and various resources that tell how and what to look for in executive headhunters, working offshore as an executive recruiter and catering to people of another culture always makes a big difference.

Thankfully, there are already some articles you could easily access and look into for more information about executive recruiters. For now, we have created a list of things you should know about headhunters in Vietnam.


What to Look for in a Vietnamese Executive Headhunter

Working with people from other cultures should not hinder you from getting the best hires. Finding a good and effective executive recruiter, after all, also relies on the standards and requirements you set as a company in search of the right partner.

Identifying a set of traits to look for in an executive partner can feel overwhelming at first, but having a list based on the needs of your company will surely help in the search for a great headhunter.

As an executive hiring firm with a representative office in Vietnam, we have here the eight most critical traits to look for in an executive headhunter in the eastern part of mainland Southeast Asia.


 Active listening and communicating skills

The importance of this first trait is not to be questioned, as any job in the market right now would entail excellent and active listening and communicating skills.

Hearing is different from listening. While many discuss the importance of being able to convey the correct message to the person they are talking to, only some formally acknowledge the importance of being able to listen to what others have to say.

With this, a good recruiter can fully comprehend the details of the job description and focus on your expectations and preferences to avoid miscommunication. They should also be able to give clear updates and feedback on their sourcing progress, most notably when they are facing challenges and roadblocks.



Working with a headhunter from Vietnam will lead to some changes in your company. Having perseverant recruiters will make the transition easier as they are more likely to open constant channels of communication with you to talk about challenges and adjustments in terms of their sourcing strategies.

Persevering executive headhunters will not only do repeated attempts until they do a task right, but they also try to recruit even the most passive candidates by enticing them to apply. They also work flexibly to accommodate candidate interviews and learn more about the company they are working for and the roles to be filled.

Even with the fast pace of the recruitment process, they are resourceful enough to use and optimize your company’s existing and possibly newer sourcing channels to track and invite the best candidates in the market.


Good working stamina

In this field, stamina means being able to sustain an effort in all the recruiting jobs that need to be done, all while securing great hires and keeping a good relationship with the client company. Successful headhunters do not merely do their job to collect fees from their clients; they do it as a part of their commitment to fill vacant positions with the top candidates.

Ultimately, being able to exceed expectations of both the client and the candidate is ideal. Excellent stamina is also being able to sustain effort throughout the whole search process and is contemplating how to satisfy your staffing needs.

Managing expectations and seeking practical ways of locating candidates while offshore need not be a hassle, especially when creating innovative staffing strategies. This could also help you build lasting relationships with potential candidates who could be a permanent part of your firm.


Self-discipline and Focus

This is a trait that is distinctive to all successful individuals. In the world of executive recruitment as well as offshoring, the most successful executive headhunters stay focused on keeping track of their schedule and managing daily plans.

With the booming rise of technology, there are now endless sources of distractions that should be countered by putting full efforts on focusing on the task at hand.

For example, a 2016 study shows that in a workplace environment, an average of 2.35 hours spent on social media actually leads to a total productivity loss of 13%. That’s not so negligible, right?


Ability to Build Strong Rapport

While all other behavioral traits critical to recruitment could be perfected after some time with proper practices and repetition, the process of building rapport with possible candidates and other clients is also a necessary trait to develop.

Recruiters who can build and sustain long-term relationships with clients and candidates devote attention to the needs of their clients and candidates which could result to several good things: having a loyal customer base, a better reputation which means reduced marketing effort, and more chances of putting the correct candidate with the most fitting employer.

A recruiter with good long-term relationships could also extend great network opportunities among its clients. For example, a long-term client might be able to put you in touch with another business.


Ability to Positively Influence Thinking

Every successful recruiter could well consider this as both an art and a science. The ability to positively influence the thinking of candidates and clients alike is a skill that requires time and experience to master.

Apart from being good communicators, an essential element of this skill is to get some constructive points across and be able to shed light on topics which could be of utmost importance but are commonly overlooked or misunderstood.


Positive Attitude

Research shows the impact of having an overall positive attitude, and having this constantly would mean having a positive outlook in life as well.

It is a critical human characteristic that is highly contagious, especially in the workplace. Looking for executive recruiters in Vietnam who have an overall positive attitude is essential, as this will narrow the potential gaps they could have.

Great recruiters are self-aware and make efforts to stay positive despite challenges in the workplace. This is an asset which, when exuded could land yourself clients who are keen on staying with you over a more extended period.


Works with Urgency and Quality

Top candidates are consistently presented with several career opportunities from several firms. The window time for candidates to wait for some confirmation could get shorter, and this is why working with a sense of urgency is critical for this line of work.

Working urgently means that the recruiter values your deadlines. Top recruiters push for progress in the hiring process for their clients to avoid losing the best talent in the market.

Knowing what immediately needs to be done is essential, and the best recruiters keep track of timelines by producing quality hires within reasonable time frames. Great recruiters can sometimes share quality candidates as fast as a week after calibration, indicating that they already have a strong network.

Despite all ideal traits mentioned above, one most important thing in being one of the top headhunters in Vietnam is building trust. This means that all parties need to be upfront and honest in working together, especially in calibrating expectations and laying out the game plan for achieving their recruitment goals.

An executive recruiter must be trustworthy because their role goes beyond transactional and administrative contributions. Because of the large volume of candidates they pursue, they play an essential role in decision-making and in developing a team strategy.

Actively pursuing good practices will make one a successful recruiter and maybe one of the best in the future.


Final Thoughts

For more prominent companies, executive mis-hires cause them to lose more money in the long run. Executive firms concentrate on giving the best outputs to their clients by giving them top-notch candidates.

The marketplace, however, is not perfect. If you want to be more cost-effective, there are recruitment agencies in Vietnam you can check out.

Curran Daly and Associates has an extensive background in the recruitment industry. Geoff Curran and Geoff Daly have been in the human resource and recruitment industry for several years, actively seeking what is best expected of executive recruiters.

Curran + Associates was founded in 1998 an eventually became Curran Daly & Associates in 2004. Years of being in the industry is a testament to their job well done. You may reach Curran and Daly at GJC@curranrecruit.com.au and GD@currandaly.com respectively.

Did we miss anything? Contact us now for more questions or comments!



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